Is cephalexin 500mg good for sinus infection

The one time I didn't was in a rush to get on the road for a trip, and I was nauseous the entire ride, but tums helped A LOT. The infection has cleared up quickly and my ear is draining a lot less fluid out. This has been able to do what four other antibiotics haven't.

Take with a full meal, and you will be feeling much better soon! I took one pill. Within 4 hrs of taking the pill I was experiencing fever like chills, tingling, nerve pain in my feet and restlessness.

If there was a problem with vessels, your arm or part of it would be likely swollen. In a brain problem symptoms would be likely more constant.

Heat helps with the pain. Im not sure what to do to get my shoulder back to normal. Jay Hi, My father is 70, has been a diabetic patient for almost 10yrs but under very good control. For the last 6 months he has been complaining about a slight swelling in the left cheek and he says the swelling started spreading from the left upper chest area to arm pits to collar bone to left side of the neck and now to left cheek.

He also suffers from spondylitis and hypo thryodism. We have been to couple of neurologists they said no problems there.

He was prescribed to take carbamazepine which gives temporary relief. My father is concerned about the spreading light swelling may be to brain. We are also not sure where to go. Any guidance or help is greatly appreciated.

Jan Modric Jay, is it visible swelling or just a sense of swelling? Swelling could be due to an obstruction of the vein that drains blood from the affected areas from the inside of the vein, like from thrombosis, or compressed from the outside by the clavicle or enlarged thyroid gland or lymph nodes or tumor in the chest. A specialist that deals with vessels should be able to tell more. Before continuing with further investigations, the doctor should check the existing CT and tell if eventual enlarged thyroid can be excluded as a possible cause.

Jay Thank you very much and i really appreciate the timely response. We will go back and ask for information from the Dr and will try to find a blood vessels specialist. Jan Modric Jay, if it is a real swelling, it can be caused by a compression of a vein or a lymphatic vessel that drain blood and lymph from the affected area. It is not necessary that a vein or lymph vessel themselves are affected, but there could be something pressing upon them, for example, eventually enlarged thyroid or inflammation of tissues near the clavicle.

So your doctor may know better which exact specialist would be appropriate. Felicia My fingers go numb with a variety of things; holding the phone while talking, holding a book to read, braiding hair and driving a stick shift truck. Should I be concerned or just keep switching hands to relieve the numbness?

Jan Modric Felicia, this sounds like a carpal tunnel syndrome, where nerves that supply the fingers are compressed in the wrist. Common causes are repeated wrist use, arthritis, hypothyroidism, injury. Wrist rest or treatment of the underlying cause may help. I recommend you to try to find the cause and treat it to prevent permanent damage of the nerves. Simon Hi, so glad I found this site and I am really hoping you might be able to help.

It persisted on and off for a few weeks with all fingers in my hand affected and tingling or going numb at times. In the last week I have been feeling discomfort under the bicep where it meets the armpit in both arms with the discomfort and tingling shooting down my arm to elbow and also forearm and continued tingling fingers.

I cannot understand what is causing this however I was thinking back to the night before I first experienced the left arm problem. I was at a bar that evening and this particular bar had an assistant in the mens room who massaged you as you are washing your hands. This guy grabbed my head and twisted it forcefully left and then right it really cracked loud in a similar fashion to how you see people break peoples necks in movies.

I am just wondering is it possible this might have caused some nerve damage in my neck leading to these nerve symptoms? Occasionally I have also had shooting tingling from buttocks down to my feet. Hope you can help, thanks. Jan Modric Simon, I recommend you to see a neurologist. This would explain symptoms in your neck, shoulders and arms, and possibly headache. The same kind of damage could from some reason occur in your lumbar spine thus causing symptoms from the buttocks to feet sciatic pain.

The spaced out feeling could theoretically arise from deranged brain blood perfusion due to a compressed vertebral or basilar arteries that run in the upper neck and supply the blood for one part of the brain. Such a feeling would be likely triggered or worsened by tilting or turning the head toward the left or right. Please, visit a neurologist. Simon I forgot to mention some details about myself.. My has made appointments. I will update you soon. It is really great of you. You take the time to answer the questions on this topic.

Izzy Hi I have a minor surgery today to remove a plate and 5 screws from my ankle. Was feeling nausea post-op.

So they gave me some anti nausea through IV. Now that I am discharged and resting at home. I have a feeling of numbeness in both my arm. Is there something I should be worried about? Izzy Jan Modric Izzy, numbness in the arms, but not in legs? With usual meals and drinking enough water just to prevent dehydration and with effects of the IV drug weaning off you might feel better.

If any other symptoms, like swelling, appear, call the doctor. How to over this. Maybe you can try to get a smaller pillow and put hands besides it, not under the head. It started in my lowar arm, and has spread up to my shoulder and neck.

I tried painting with my left hand for a few days last week only for an hour or two a day — and my work day until all this started consisted of 7 hours a day — and now my left hand is numb and sore too. Do you have any advice about what to do until then? It is a neurologist or orthopedist who can confirm diagnosis by ordering a CT or MRI of the neck spine. Avoiding prolonged sitting, carrying heavy objects and lifting or other prolonged use of the arms may help.

You can also try to use a shallow pillow at night. Claire I really appreciate your advice, thanks for getting back to me. Claire anand thanks jan, for ur advice, some how now i am able to avoid keeping my palm specially my finger would be under more pressure under my pillow.

In arthritis, you would probably notice some joint stiffness, swelling or even redness. I recommend you to visit a rheumatologist or orthopedist. Raghavendra kumar I feel numbness in my arms and near the shoulder position. Normally i drive alot and carry a bag will this result in some serious disease. Chris Hi Raghavendra No this should not result in any serious disease unless there is some other underlying condition that you may have or may be at the risk of developing.

This could be related to muscle strain neck and shoulder and could also be inflammation of the shoulder muscle tendons. It is common in students who carry heavy bags. Nevertheless you should get it checked up by a doctor to exclude other underlying problems or involvement of the shoulder joint. It has since spread down my entire arm and hurts most at the shoulder, elbow and last two digits of my left hand. It seems to hurt less with heat pad on shoulder but more at night.

I do not have insurance. Will this get better with time or should I see a doctor? This may explain some of yoru other symptoms. However it is worth having it assessed by your doctor and possibly seeing a physical therapist for treatment to ease the muscle spasm if it is muscular.

Avoid massaging and so on as you can aggravate the condition further. Neck exercises, as prescribed by your physical therapist, will help to prevent further recurrences after treatment.

Paree Hi I am 31 year old male and have a computer based job of hours a day. I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain on my right side for over a week now. I am unsure how I got it in the first place but it may be due to some jerk in the neck or improper sleeping posture.

The pain was intense in the beginning but was gone in 2days leaving only stiffness behind. The biggest worry is I am feeling the weakness in palm and fingers. As a result I am not able to grip or hold or lift anything heavy like a half full kettle. Another example, I can lift the tennis racket easily but not able to hit a shot with any power at all.

Please could you advice what exactly I need to do. The arthritis in your knees and shoulders is very likely osteoarthritis OA but you should see an orthopedist to confirm the type of arthritis. The treatment can differ between OA and rheumatoid arthritis RA. A bulging disc can cause compression of the nerves. This may account for your tingling and numbness in the arm. But nerve root compression does not cause arthritis. A bulging disc, like osteoarthritis, gets more common as you become older.

Given your menopause as well, these conditions need to be properly managed by your family doctor or a specialist. Do not try to self medicate. Can you tell me what I can do for this. We had some difficulty in understanding what you were trying to say. Thomas, as you can see from above there is a host of conditions, from a bulging disc causing nerve root compression to specific nerve diseases and conditions like diabetes which cause nerve damage over time.

Identifying the exact cause in your case would be difficult, especially since you have not divulged any personal or medical information that could serve as a guide to possible conditions.

You should see your doctor an preferably consult with a specialist like a neurologist. Further investigations may be necessary and then a diagnosis can be reached. Jeannie carruth My right arm and hand keep going numb hurts so bad at night cant sleep in morning I have to soak in b hot water to get fingers to bend. Whats wrong HealthHype Hi Jeannie. Both the numbness and muscle weakness loss of strength could very likely be a nerve problem, although a muscle condition could account for the weakness.

The stiffness, if its emanating from the joint, may be a condition like rheumatoid arthritis. The types of nerve problems that may be causing this issue can vary — anything from a compressed nerve, root to nerve inflammation and some even a group of nerve conditions known as demyelinating nerve diseases. And there are other possibilities as well.

We do not diagnose online but we would strongly recommend that you see a neurologist as soon as possible. Further investigations like a nerve conduction study, etc would be necessary. Beth I was putting my 3 yr old to bed this evening, I was bending over his bed that has a side rail. When I stood back up, I noticed I had tingling on the top of my right foot, and top of Right arm into my fingers. Also some down my leg and back, all primarily on the right side of my body.

My lower back has been sore the last week or so, and I slept weird last night, but was fine until this evening. Something serious, or something a chiropractic visit could help? No pain, and it does change in intensity when I change my position.

The concerning part is that it was one sided and affected both the arm and the leg. This could have occurred with changes in blood pressure with the change in position or even compression of an artery with your movement that could have altered the blood flow to the brain momentarily. It is difficult to say through an online platform and yes there are other possibilities. But such changes can be more serious and lead to fainting and so on.

It may even be a prelude to a stroke if there is some disruption in some way to the blood supply to your brain and this being the early warning signs. Of course, this is just one possibility and one of the most serious. Sometimes it is important to bear the most serious possibilities in mind and undergo the necessary tests to exclude it as a possible cause before investigating less serious conditions. Either way we cannot say for sure but you should see your family doctor as soon as possible.

Also, it went away after sleeping and I had some in my left leg today as well. When I woke up this morning and stood up, I had some pins and needles in both feet, and then it went away.

I know you gave me worse case scenario, but could it be pinched nerves, or something else? This evening when I sit, I feel a little tingling, but on the left side, and only in the leg.

Thx HealthHype Yes, hypothyroidism could definitely contribute to some of these symptoms that appear to be nerve-related. Alterations in thyroid function has far reaching consequences on almost every system in the body and is not just an issue with weight gain, bowel function and other common symptoms. A pinched nerve is also a possibility but it is unlikely to account for both the leg and arm symptoms occurring simultaneously unless there is nerve root compression at multiple points along the spine.

As you can see the possible causes are exhaustive. Without seeing a doctor and having necessary tests, it would end up being guesswork. I understand the issue with not having insurance but if you do not seek professional medical advice, the consequences of some of the more serious conditions that could be causing these symptoms may end up being life threatening in the worst case scenario.

If not, it could lead to lifelong paralysis. But without proper medical evaluation, there is no way of knowing that for sure. Alysha I have Raynauds in my right fingers but this year i noticed it in my left finger as well.

My right arm always feels numb, like it is going to sleep. Wondering if Raynauds would have anything to do with my arm numbness?

I dont hang my arm over chairs or have any kind of pressure on it when it goes numb. Its really bad in the mornings when i wake up. And it can affect both hands. While the numbness may extend beyond the fingers to the hand and slightly beyond, it should not cause numbness of the entire arm in the majority of cases.

It is worth looking into this further before more complications arise. Speak to your doctor as soon as possible. Jane My right arm numb before I sleep and Early in the morning, i woke up because the numbness that i felt became worst. Do I have an undiagnosed disease.?

Firstly, the way you sleep could be a factor to consider. You may be applying too much pressure on your arm by distributing more of your body weight on that arm. However, this would not explain why it happens even before you sleep. It is likely that the problem lies with the root of the nerve supplying that arm. By lying down, your spine may be applying more pressure on the nerve root as compared to when you are standing.

This could account for the numbness when lying down. You should see a doctor who may conduct further investigations like an x-ray to see if there is any problem with the neck portion of your spine cervical vertebrae. This is just one possibility for your symptoms. You could have other undiagnosed conditions that needs to be investigated.

Your doctor will advise your further. If the symptom is recurrent as you describe then it is very likely due to some as yet undiagnosed disease. One possibility is that the way you are sleeping puts more of your body weight on your arm. The pressure can lead to numbness but this is unlikely to occur before you sleep.

Another more likely possibility is that the root of the nerve to the right arm is compressed at the level of your spine. There are many different spinal conditions that can cause nerve root compression. It is possible that when you lie down the compression on the nerve is greater than when you stand up. However, there is no way of saying for sure.

You need to a see a doctor who can assess your symptoms and run further tests like an x-ray. It is possible that there are more serious diseases causing these symptoms. Your doctor will be able to advise you further. GabbySummers About a year ago I developed numbing and tingling along left arm and thumb and index finger.

Doctor deduced it is cervical neck pinched nerve. I never got the MRI because of money issues, and it would get better off and on. Now, the right arm is doing the same thing, it just started a few days ago. My neck now feels stiff, hurts sometime and feels unsteady. However, I have been under a great deal of stress related to family trauma. Now that both arms are acting up, can I still wait to get the MRI? It is not advisable to wait.

The MRI will allow you doctor to verify whether it is a pinched nerve and then plan the appropriate treatment, possibly even surgery.

If the problem is not accurately diagnose then treatment cannot be commenced. As it is a year has passed from the time when you should have had the MRI. Waiting could further complicate the condition rather than clearly identifying the problem and treating it at an early stage.

Speak to your doctor though. Tina Gries Pederson I have been having numbness, tingling and pain in my index, middle and ring finger for last four months. Had steroid injection in wrist and lastly a C7 nerve block. Has not changed anything with the my left hand, now I am starting to get numbness and pain in my left forearm. Have no idea what to do now? Unable to find a doctor to help. You do not mention if the fingers affected in the last four months were on the right or left hand.

As you have said you have many issues with your cervical nerves and this will account for all of your symptoms.

You should see a neurologist at this point and may need to also consult with an orthopedist if it is a problem arising from your vertebrae. Speak to your current doctor about a referral to a neurologist. Tina Gries Pederson Only my left hand and arm are affected. I have already been to a neurologist, she is the one that ordered the MRI, since the results are in she referred me to pain management.

Pain management are the ones that ordered both injections. Yesterday the pain is getting worse, now whole hand is painful and pain going up forearm and back of upper arm.

It is difficult to say what exactly may be going on. The neurologist knows your case well and has the skills to manage this condition.

If your symptoms are worsening then you need to go back to your neurologist ASAP. It is possible that the current intense pain may not just be your cervical problem but something else, like a clot in the arm or an infection.

We cannot say for sure so you need to go back to your neurologist for now. I probably would have died. See how important it is to stock up on antibiotics for survival?

Before we move on, a few disclaimers: First, I am not a doctor and I am not giving you medical advice. I recommend you ask your doctor if he will write you some prescriptions for antibiotics so you can stock up, just in case. Antibiotics are not good for you and should only be taken in an emergency. You should have a good medical book on hand to help you diagnose the problem. And then, only when you are very certain that antibiotics will help, should you take them.

I also want to remind you that if you take antibiotics and develop a rash or any other reaction, you should stop taking them immediately. If there is no reaction and your condition improves, continue taking the antibiotic for two weeks, even if you feel better after a few days.

Though you might feel better, you want to make sure the infection is completely eliminated. I stopped washing my hair with hot water a month and a half ago, I leave conditioner in while I bathe, and my new hair dryer works at a cooler heat and with less force that any other I have every used before.

What can I do to fix this other than wait for summer? Jan Modric To almostgraduated. Have you checked your hormone levels recently? Are you allergic to something? Have you tried antihistamine pills? The neck rash was probably staphylococcal folliculitis. Fungal infection can occur without visible rash — in this case an anti-fungal ointment could help.

I always try to use minimum medical treatment. Locally to eradicate seborrheic dermatitis in days, I use persivate ointment. In all cases, removing the stress, and the proximity of the person causing the stress helped tremendously. Also sun on the scalp, as well as outdoor activities had positive effects. However, sometimes stress can not be removed easily, so it is necessary to transform it to positive energy, which also helps. Stress and certain foods, among other, stimulate activity of sex hormones.

You recognize right thought by peace they bring, and joy they bring when you fulfill them. Several foods were mentioned elsewhere as triggers of acne, like eggs or sweets, but I think everyone should find appropriate diet by himself. I more or less just organized my life at one point, and that was it. No acne from then. Other than that, as less irritation of the scalp by various substances as possible, avoiding hot water, maybe not using a hair drier can help. I wash my hair every other night.

Hair loss, thinning hair. Doctors said not to wash my hair more then 4 times a week so I do it every other day. Very tired of this! Jan Modric To no fun! Seborrheic dermatitis may be caused or accompanied by a fungal infection. According to long history of your problems, I think you should find a caring dermatologist, who will take a sample of your scalp skin, if necessary, and give you a firm diagnosis. How can you say this so exactly? Jan Modric To geetony.

I recommend you to visit a dermatologist, who can say is it folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis, Demodex mites or other scalp disorder. You can check personal medical history questionnaire to prepare for an apointment. For the past 3 years now ive had a dry flaky scalp. About 4 months ago I started to get red uncomfortabe marks on the front, sides and back of my head. If I wash my hair every 2 days but on the day I dont wash my hair my scalp is itchy again. Its not oily and my hair is very day.

Ive been told to you nizoral shampoo. I also have rosacea on my face. Is there anything you could recommend? Jan Modric To coltz Nizoral shampoo can help in dandruff caused by a mild fungal infection.

But I recommend you to visit a dermatologist, since this what you have can be a scalp ringworm, that should be treated with oral anti-fungal drugs. Other disorders are possible, so it would be good to get a diagnosis and appropriate treatment to prevent eventual hair loss. Ive been to several dermatologies, doctors etc. My problem began in highschool. I was wearing a cap most of the time, and had alot of stress in my life.

I began a accutan treatment that lasted for 6 months. My facial skin became very bad in the first couple of months, but then it was better, and after the treatment my scalp was free of itchyness.

However, soon after it came back. Not in the same degree as before. I get it on and off, mostly when Im under a stressful period. I try to keep it under control by using Head and shoulders shampoo, the blue bottle and also by washing my scalp with apple cider vinegar. Im just wondering if anyone knows a way to minimize folliculitis other than what Ive just said? Jan Modric Henok, there are several types of folliculitis. Demodex mites can also cause folliculitis.

A common type is staph folliculitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Treatment is with antibiotic ointments available over the counter. If this does not help, prescribed oral antibiotics can be tried. Before treatment it is good to get a correct diagnosis. Have you ever head a biopsy of the scalp skin? Itch Caused by Dust and Skin Mites: Scabies, Chiggers, Demodex Mites Current Health Articles Adams Any time i went to toilet in my penis there something coming out like milk so i went for a test saying i have stap aureus infection so i was giving an antibiotic for the treatment but i see no chaning to the treatment and it up to eigth now.

But ever since then have been lossing weight and i have no any infection in my skin. What should i do please. If not, you should get tested and ask your doctor what to do with antibiotics in meantime. For days my scalp burned, stung and itched like mad. It never completely heals between dying episodes either. The crown and hairline from ears forward are most affected. I realise I might be PPD allergic.

Does henna contain PPD. Any help or answers most welcome. My daughtr is losing clumps of hair on a daily basis this past week. It is stubbly where the hair has come out. I have now got itching to the right side at the back of my head with flaking like dandruf. My daughter is really concerned about losing her hair it has almost gone completely and she is What do you think it could be janmodric yvonne, one of the possible causes of a patchy hair loss is a yeast infection scalp ringworm. Thats what the doctor said to me anyway: I have had a red scalp for about 4 years.

It is not itchy at all. But it gets really flaky and greasy. I find the crown area bit sore to the touch. I have a few spots on the scalp that never seem to go away. I have tried many treatment shampoos but to no avail. Jan Modric superunknown, a dermatologist should check you and give you a diagnosis.

Seborrheic dermatitis is one possible cause. Maybe you will need prescribed anti-fungal or other medications. John Elway I have been suffering from a itchy scalp for some time , i cant remember how long it been but now i am worried.

I have red spots on both sides of my head , which kinda looks like this but not as extreme. When i use shampoos it helps control it , but i must use it daily. I been searching online and they said Dandruff can be cause because of Cancer or HIV and now that has been worried and checking symptoms of those diseases.

Is it normal for the side of my scalp to present red marks? Now im freaking out …. Contingent upon the kind of disease, treatment may last from 7 to 14 days. In the event that expansive dosages of cephalexin are required, another kind of cephalosporin that can be given by infusion or an intravenous imbuement might be utilized.

Precaution Before treatment with Cephalexin is administered, cautious inquiry ought to be made to figure out if the patient has had past hypersensitivity responses to Cephalexin, Penicillins, Cephalosporins or similar medications. Prescribing Cephalexin without a demonstrated or unequivocally perceived bacterial infection or a prophylactic sign is not likely to benefit the patient and ultimately increases the risk of developing drug-resistant microscopic organisms.

Patients monitored painstakingly to detect any side effects or strange exhibition of drug reactions. In the event that an unfavorable response to Cephalexin is seen, the medication ought to be stopped and the patient treated with the usual agents like epinephrine, antihistamines etc.

Why You Might Need to Premedicate With Antibiotics Before You See Your Dentist

is cephalexin 500mg good for sinus infectionD-mannose, even in large cephalexin, does not cause any adverse 500mg goods, and cannot be metabolized the way other sugars can, meaning this supplement phentermine capsule price safe for diabetics and others who are avoiding sugar for any reason. No noticable lumps on testes or good or in inguinal area. Posted on by a infection Post for Analysis Message This may only cephalexin an analysis of the writing. I think I sinus a infection opinion because now it is day 5 and it seemed to happen exactly as last time, although my lips have reached an almost healed state overnight between day 4 and 5, the spread to my body is getting worse. You may want to read more on this condition here http: Thank God I did because I ended up with an abscess under a tooth 2 months later and since it was the weekend, I started taking the Keflex. Addiionaly it pushes my hair out at times. Specifically, is cephalexin 500mg good for sinus infection, Ciprofloxacin and Metronidazole. It happens to 500mg sinuses, but more often on the right. Also, I have had problems with anemia and hypoglycemia for the past.

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